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ABOUT a1805

This brand was created by Akazawachoyo Co., Ltd., which was established in 1805 (during the Bunka era in the Edo period) as carpenters and craftsmen specializing in temples and shrines, and has continued to develop its techniques for over 200 years while upholding traditional craftsmanship.
Several generations ago, the carver Asajiro developed new products with a progressive spirit, and created the foundation for the "frontier spirit" which forms our corporate culture today. We specialize not only in scent-related products, but also in carpentry (as represented by furniture making), metalworking, and assembly. Our strength lies in our ability to handle numerous materials to finish a product.

Now, over 210 years since our establishment, we have launched the brand "a1805", combining the "a" from our founder, Asajiro, with our year of establishment, 1805, in order to change the way we express the traditional techniques we have upheld until now, and present it to the world under the theme of "Creative Traditional". We will present products that design life styles in various scenes in life to the world, while upholding Japan's proud techniques and traditions.

Our first product under the a1805 brand is a room fragrance.

Japan has a history of incense burning as an art form, and scent has been familiar to us from ancient times, including not only typical incense burned as offerings, but also incense smelling ceremonies and the scenting of rooms and clothing using indirectly burnt scent. Scent has been used to portray unique sensibilities using the seasons, fruits, and drinks.
The incense sticks from a1805 offers a lineup of scents that are unique to Japan, but fit into modern life. The five Japanese scents of MACHA, MIZU, MOMO, SAKURA, and UME have been created by blending distinctive essences with natural peppermint oil and traditional Chinese medicines such as sandalwood, Borneal, and cloves.
Enjoy these refreshing scents anytime, anywhere—a few minutes in the morning, a few minutes in the afternoon, after you return home in the early evening, and in your bedroom.


Takumi Shimamura

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